Alejandro Palacín

Barcelona, 1989

A plastic artist who studied Fine Arts and the Prodart master in artistic production at the University of Barcelona in 2017. His practice focuses on sculpture and installation but also develops through text and the use of digital technologies. He investigates the tensions between artistic practice and its close worlds: such as design, magic, hobbies, museology, or parties. He understands his artistic practice as the political form of production of a desire/pleasure system emancipated from the consensual parameters of value and time. This last year his pieces respond to the fantasy of a sculpture on which you can eat, read or make a puzzle without turning it into a table. Of a type of sculpture that renounces the will to be autono- mous in exchange for being closer and participating in life around it, assuming the risk of losing a certain status. The practice of it does not seek to improve, while learning to make a better art but rather seeks to learn a better art, of goodness.