CIENTOMASUNA is a platform dedicated to the sale of contemporary art works, created in 2018. It is an online space with a broad point of view on artistic creation and is open to all trends, techniques and generations of
artists. It includes more than one hundred creators, among them renowned artists, young artists who have recently entered the art market or artists who exhibited in the last third of the 20th century and who currently have no access to the art circuits.

This is an absence that in some cases has lasted for more than forty years, and is mostly prevalent among women. Currently, the Visual Arts departments of universities are researching the work of these artists, which makes them partly recognized, creating a greater interest on the part of the critics and museum institutions in reconstructing the role of these women in art history

CIENTOMASUNA has joined in their support by giving visibility to the work of these creators.

CIENTOMASUNA is a qualified and trustworthy mediator between artists and individuals or institutions interested in the work of the artists it presents.