Ángela Nordenstedt

Madrid, 1963

Starting from painting, my work revolves mainly around drawing. I also make sculpture or objects with light materials that I sometimes present as installations. I need to have an intimate connection with the themes of my works, so my series require long periods of gestation. During that time I usually feel at the limits of artistic activity, as if I wander around and I could do nothing but observe what surrounds me. These are periods when I dedicate myself to writing short texts and poems. When I finally get to the work, I can solve it in a quarter of an hour or in long workshop sessions, without that matter the least as long as they do not transmit effort. I am interested in lightness and strike a balance between the rough and the delicate in the manner of oriental art or nature itself.
I have worked with the galleries Fúcares (Madrid), Rosa Hernández (Alicante), La Calcografía (Salamanca) and Depósito 14 (Madrid). In the 1990s, I developed, together with the painter Alberto Sánchez, the project Köniec of Postal Art, books of artist and actions. There is my work in the collections Caja Burgos and Caja Madrid, the Testimoni Collection of the La Caixa Foundation and the collection of the Ortega y Gasset Foundation, among others.