Anne Marie Cornu

1961, lives in Paris

She comes from a practice of experimental cinema that has progressively led her to expand into the field of plastic arts. Trained as a cameraman, she manipulates with her hands reels and tapes of images which makes her naturally begin to use celluloid film and magnetic tape in her work. In her first installations, the cinematographic device is approached as an immersive sculpture, as a non-narrative form of expanded cinema. Her exploration of the propagation of image and sound has led her to cross academic boundaries with different media and work in situ developing the work on site.
Her drawings, painted objects, films, sculptures and installations have something performative about them. They are the memory of a gesture, a state of mind, a seismographic or an invitation to explore space.
She has exhibited in Holland, Sweden, Spain, Japan and France. Monter Sampler at the Centre Pompidou 2000, First Stay in Spain 1999, Film Museum in Amsterdam 2004, Yokohama Triennial 2005, Espacio 2005, Espacio de Arte Contemporáneo de Castelló 5X5, 2010, La Biennale de Bordeaux 2011, ISUS Cabernet, 2013, Modern Comfort in Poitiers 2013-14, The Snake in Saint-Ouen 2015, Paris.