Eduardo Subias

Huesca, 1957

Photographer. From his early work, we highlight BOXA (1979-1980) a series dedicated to the world of boxing. In it, we find portraits of different boxers, among them some champions. His photography expresses in a very realistic way the social and psychological background of these athletes.
The Botanica series (2012-2016) is an investigation through the photographic language of an animist conception of nature. A free interpretation of the most positive and salvageable values of remote times, when nature occupied the central place in man’s magical thinking and was, for that reason, feared, revered and celebrated. All the images have been taken in different locations of the Iberian Peninsula, in places that still today, preserve vestiges of their archaic past. He trained at the Centre Internacional de Fotografía Barcelona (Cifb) in 1978-79, with which he also collaborated in later years. He was a professor at the Institut d’Estudis Fotográfics de Catalunya in Barcelona between 1982-86. He participated in group exhibitions among which we highlight: 259 Images. Current Photography in Spain.
Fine Arts Circle. Madrid. (1983). Fotopress 84. Barcelona (1984). 1979 A monument to radical moments. La Virreina Centre de la Imatge. (2011). International Center of Photography. (1987-1983). MACBA. Barcelona. (2012) His works have been reproduced in different specialized publications such as Aperture 208 (2012), the International Center of Photography (MACBA, 2012). Dictionary of Spanish Photographers. From the 19th to the 21st century (La Fabrica, 2013), Exit 84 Magazine. Portfolio (2022)