Lesley Yendell

UK,1959. Lives in Spain since 1982

Multidisciplinary artist. The processes of her sculptural work have led her to explore ideas that have led to actions and performative works Her work draws from both landscapes manipulated by man for production and everyday domestic objects. She transforms natural materials such as leaves, branches and earth into objects of daily use. De contextualized from the domestic ambit and magnified they enter a poetic universe of their own where they radiate a new and evocative life. Her performance work continues the exploration of these transformations and expresses ideas of complexity and subtlety. In her drawings, sculptures and performance she examines materials, their manipulation, qualities and associations. Lesley Yendell is part of the collectives Corpologia y Ocells al Cap. She has worked on various projects around Europe which include performance festivals, sculpture symposiums and regeneration projects. Algunas residencias; 2018 Bolit, Centre d’art Contemporani, Girona. 2015 Bemis Center for Contemporary Art, Omaha, Nebraska, EE. UU. 2009 Fundación Valparaíso, Almería, España. 2006 Flax Art Studios, Belfast. Irlanda del Norte. Algunas exposiciones y performances; 2019 Festival FEM 2019, Madremanya, Alt Emporda. 2018 Intramurs, Valencia. 2018 Art & Gavarres, Festival Internacional de Arte y Paisaje. 2017 Certamen Internacional de Arte en la Viña, Navarra. 2017 Ocells al Cap Flare 3, Newcastle, Reino Unido. 2014 Summa Contemporanea. Festival Nacional de la Mujer en las Artes Visuales, Centro Cultural Castel Ruiz, Tudela. Navarra. 2014 Ocells al CAP, Birds Altres Maneres, Fundación Antoni Tapies, Barcelona. 2012 Transposers. Exposición individual. MCAC Irlanda del Norte. MCAC Northern Ireland. Arts Council Funded. 2010 Take a Walk Down Memory Lane residencia y exposición, Armagh Theatre and Arts Centre, Armagh, Irlanda del Norte. 2009: Performance Buscandose el Pan National Review of Live Art, Glasgow. 2009 Exposición Daintifyt Revisited, Regenerate, Cookstown, Irlanda del Norte. 2009 Buscándose el Pan 3, Festival Ciudad de las Mujeres, Liubliana, Eslovenia. 2006 4eme Festival de jardins métissés, Proyecto de jardín textil, Parc de Wesserling, Francia. 2005 Saperlipopette Chateau de O, Montpelier, Francia.