Mapi Rivera

Huesca, 1976

Visual artist. Practice a body art by taking references from mysticism and using the beauty of the female body to highlight the strong bond that exists between humans and nature.

From the beginning of her career, Rivera’s work has been inspired by readings of mystical texts from different traditions such as Christianity, Sufism, Kabbalism and Brahmanism. She works with drawing, poetry, video and photography, having recently incorporated digital media into her possibilities as a means for unveiling the apparently invisible. She uses photography, in particular, to serve her creative impulse which is based on an intimate, exalted, joyful perception of reality. Rivera’s thesis, “The Numinous Meaning of Light. Approximations between Creation and Visionary Experience” was adapted for publication by Herder Publishers.

She studied a Degree in Fine Art at the Universidad de Barcelona, subsequently extending her research at St Martins University, London to a Diploma in Advanced Studies in the “Art and Thinking” PhD. Her research and creative work have been presented at many different talks, classes and seminars. She has participated in solo and group exhibitions at institutions, museums and galleries in Spain and Europe, as well as editions of photography festivals such as
PhotoEspaña, Madrid, and Teruel Punto Photo. Artist grants and awards include the Guasch Coranty and Roman Acín grants, the Norte artist grant and the Artes&Letras
Photography Award.