Nico Nubiola

(Barcelona, 1964)

He works in human figuration in sculpture and bas-relief. Wood is the material he usually uses to make his works, he also works with plaster and styrofoam. The artist seeks a key to investigate the cultural context in which he lives through caricature and irony and to reflect on the human condition. Sometimes he likes to discover his characters in situations of extreme intimacy, in positions of unconscious passivity where one meets his true primitive, wild or animal self. He often uses polychrome using coloured pencils to highlight the detail and give greater naturalness to the work.

He has exhibited in galleries in solo and group exhibitions in Spain and

Europe. Between 1991 and 2018 he designs and produces scenographies and sculptures for theatre, dance and opera. Among his most outstanding works is the design of the props for the opening ceremony of the Barcelona 92 Olympic Games or the well-known wooden horse of the play Tirant lo Blanc by Calixto Bieito; he has also worked as a set designer for La Fura dels Baus, Marcel-lí Antúnez, Trigo Limpio, General Elèctrica and Sol Picó among others, providing large-format sculptures.