Pamen Pereira

El Ferrol, 1963

A multidisciplinary artist who uses drawing, painting, sculpture and installation interchangeably, and sometimes also photography and video. Her works is characterized by recreating the everyday environment with the intention of creating dualities and harmonizing opposites. With the aim of unifying matter and spirit, it prioritizes the creative process in the realization of its work.

Pamen Pereira presents a work swinging among drawing, painting, sculpture, installation, photography or video sometimes… Or just among that thing different from those previously mentioned but useful to carry out the act of creating. At present, her interest is focused on specific installations or interventions for both, public or private sites, as a challenge regarding the social aspect of the art, the role of the artist in our society and the important function of its poetic image. Throughout these years, Pamen Pereira has created extremely beauty works, plenty of seduction and ability to inspire. Always looking for the transcendence during the generation process, a process imbued with liberating suffering and beginning of all the creative intuition. Handling ductile, malleable or food products materials, as an organic matter in its state of transformation as well as many other objects with a special symbology. She confronts dual concepts in an attempt of unifying and harmonizing the opposites, discovering common support spanning them. Revealing experiences and emotions all over her works and melting, after all, her life and her work in “Un solo sabor” (Only one taste),2002. Victor Segrelles. Victor Segrelles, 2002.