Rosa Amorós

Barcelona 1945

One of the key figures in contemporary sculptural pottery. In recent years he has opted for radical, transgressive pieces with a strong expressionist character. The search for the essentials and the simplicity of means stand out in the whole of his work. “… creations that are offal in the broadest sense of the word because in the first glance we can be evoked by physiological dispossessing, the excrementitious, the fecal (skatós) although in a broader meaning we must associate them with the last, with the end, with death (éskhatos). Reflexively he departs from the conventional, consciously eliminates stereotypes, wisely reaches paroxysism whether of pain, fear, remembrance or simply from its life-making. Although by their very nature we cannot speak of amorphous sculptures, their works are so rudimentary that they can make us think of a total absence of concept when the truth is that they have it and well highlighted by the anfractuosity of the surfaces, by their monochromatism and by the constant referenance to the material in which they are made: EARTH.” It is also expressed through painting, with paper, Chinese ink and guache being their preferred materials. “Her paintings, two-dimensional artistic support that the artist has resorted to in recent times, seem more “figurative” and look at landscapes, seas, trees, lakes, hangings or linear tangles that refer us back to the fears or obsessions of their creator. In these inks, gouaches or acrylics, Rosa Amorós turns, after a thorough observation of nature, its ideas, its energies, its fears and its obsessions and, so to speak, her life.” Ramón Rodríguez- CMAE, Avilés. 2018.

His works reflect his interest in the human condition, art and nature. Doubts, intuition, chance, are an important part of your creative process.

He began his artistic activity with participation in the Premi Joan Miró of the years 1967 and 1968. Since then he has exhibited in numerous individual and collective exhibitions.