Syd Mostow

1962, Canada. Lives and works in Barcelona, Spain.

One first view, it seems like I like to challenge conventions of originality, authorship, authenticity and objectivity. But that isn’t the case. I use specific imagery to express my vision of love, sex, power, and death. The images’ banality and familiarity make the work palpable and easy. But I am very attracted to the imagery I use, and don’t treat them lightly although that is how it seems. The obvious pop/comic/cartoon themes are what underpin the work but it is it is the richer narrative which lays below which is the idea and expresses how I see the world. If the work is like an ice cream sundae, I think of the obviousness of the statement as the cherry on top. S.M.

Mostow studied at BFA York University in Canada and began his artistic career first in Canada and then in Barcelona in the 1990s. He has exhibited in well-known galleries in Barcelona and Madrid, such as Galería Carlos Poy, Galería Lino Silverstein, Galería Tomás Carstens, Galería Juana de Aizpuru, Galería La Central de Energía, Galería Víctor Saavedra, Galería Esther Monturiol. Internationally in recent years, we have highlighted the exhibitions, Galeria Alvarez, Porto, Portugal, Pilot International Art Forum, London, UK, “X-mas Show”, Sideshow Gallery, Brooklyn, New York.