Xavier Puigmartí

(Barcelona, 1952)

Painter and video artist living and working in Egypt since 1982.
His work, eclectic and very subject-rich, is strongly influenced by ancient Egypt. Rivers, especially the Nile, are present in his work in the form of maps in which he introduces a writing of his own invention to document the unintelligible. The oriental atmosphere of the landscapes and gardens is reminiscent of the world of The Arabian Nights and is enriched with an iconography that evokes the oneiric world of Joan Miró.
The series “Les souvenirs ne sont pas à vendre” is a set of repeated paintings, each containing 140 characters, each containing a different icon. These icons depict symbols, souvenirs or references to the world of painting, literature, travel, etc., and are arranged in horizontal registers, in a distinct allusion to the pharaonic world.
He exhibits his work at the Mashrabia Gallery of Contemporary Art in Cairo.