Abel Azcona

Madrid, 1988

His work, linked to his life experience, is manifested using different disciplines such as performance, installation, sculpture, video, painting or writing. It has been presented in exhibitions in more than sixty countries and has been shown in numerous museums and contemporary art spaces such as the Arsenale di Venezia,the Museum of Modern Art, Bogota,the Houston Art League,the Ramirez Villamizar Museum,the Leslie Lohman Museum, New York,the Museo Norte de Santander,the Malaga Centre of Contemporary Art,the Museo de Arte Moderno de Barranquilla,the Madrid Circle of Fine Arts,the Museum of Contemporary Art in Alicante or the Museum of Contemporary Art of Bogotá,who dedicated a retrospective exhibition with a wide selection of his work in 2014. And at renowned international events such as the Biennale de Lyon,the Asian Art Biennale in Dhaka and Taipei, the Miami International Performance Art Festival, Tama-Tupada Action Media Art from Manila in the Philippines and Santo Domingo Performance Biennial in the Dominican Republic, as well as the Live Art Biennial of Bangladesh and the Houston International Performance Art Biennial in the United States. His work addresses the issues of violence, human rights, sexuality, terrorism or religions.