Rodríguez-Méndez, Proposition. Understanding, 2010 – 2018

Series of 504 B/W photographs grouped in 6 works on paper with 84 photographs each.
Gliceé Pigmented
Inks print on Creative White Smooth paper 240 g m2.
126 x 180 cm. each work
Edition 6 + PA.

Work description

Work description

Zenithal photographic series of the quadrangular shapes that originate from the placement of paper on the elliptical lids of public toilets before being used by me. Each group of images is the result of the assembly of 84 photographs of the 504 selected during the years that this work lasted.
This work represents for me a way of doing that had to do with the projects that were always being done in some way wherever I was. I was attracted to those ironic games that flirted with the rational languages of rigid and unquestionable images and the purely physical manifestation agitating them.

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