London, 1961, resident in Spain since 1987

Transdisciplinary visual artist who puts in relation to performance, drawing, sculpture and video. “I am interested in exploring the fine line between us and our individual experiences and what at the same time unites us all in common experiences. Consciousness and how we communicate is at the heart of my research. How an individual who is part of the human race I am trying to discover through action how we relate and why.” With a Bachelor of Fine Arts from West Surrey College Of Art & Design (London), she did her Master of Fine Arts degree at Chelsea School of Art (London) and recently completed her PhD at the University of Northumbria (England), with research on the
Synchronicity and Awareness in improvised performance practices.

In 2002, together with Dutch artist Anet van de Elzen, she founded a non-profit cultural association. Since then she has organized more than twenty international Performance festivals. She is a member of the international performance groups, Wolf in the Winter and Ocells al Cap and one of the founders of the ELAA (European Live Art Archive) project. She is the founder of the collective of action artists Corpologia and the magazine with the same name.,