Sergio‌ ‌Belinchón

Valencia, 1971. Lives in Berlin

His works are the record of those places that he has found on a journey through landscapes or architectural spaces where a man carries out many of the activities that constitute him as such. Photographs and videos that speak of the human presence through its trace and its lack and that try to reflect our current inverted world, where the truth is like the other image of the false. The Valencian artist began his career photographing cities as a way of analyzing the territory in which we live, exploring the relationship of man with his environment and the way of occupying space. He continued with works on the Chilean desert with the intention of turning them into a mirage of uncertain places and to convey to us the desolation of the vast and almost forgotten peoples. From these desolate spaces, Belinchón took us to images of places of leisure and theme parks, in which fiction and reality constantly exchange their places as if they were continuously reflected by hidden mirrors. It has the ability to alter the meaning of the places and objects portrayed to focus on aspects of reality that are not very comfortable. Architectures always have something unreal (or rather surreal) that connects us with the inner part of ourselves that we know less about.
He is one of the Spanish photographers with the greatest international projection. His work is part of the collection of numerous Spanish and international museums.