Sergio Belinchón

Natural History 18, 2006

Inkjet print on cotton paper
33 x 55 cm
Ed. 3 +1P.A.

Work description

Work description

This is a work carried out in the city of Dubai, a curious place with very recent history, without a past, without memory, A city built in the middle of the desert to which we try to give an image, through architectural extremism, with the highest building in the world, the islands of the world, and excesses of all kinds. But, just as the Americans began to use historical representations in theme parks, mainly European places, long ago, in Dubai they are now beginning to create the image of the whole city based on the same thing. A shopping centre surrounded by the reproduction of the wall of Avila, and inside it, we can find the fountain of the lions of the Alhambra. Even in the construction of residential areas the phenomenon appears: urban areas with neighbourhoods with names of countries: France, Spain, Italy… become a product, a brand, an added value.


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