Jimena Lahura

Jimena Lahura, The Shore, 2017

5 pieces of porcelain glazed with crystals, sand melted on a wooden base
57 x 72 cm

Work description

Work description

The shore has dynamic, volatile rhythms that dialogue with the territory, permanently drawing and blurring the shifting boundary between the sand and the sea. It is a process of detachment, in which the bodies that are wavering on the shore, erode each one more time.
It is a project that is behind the reflection of the detachment, in addition to the detachment of the bodies itself, stamped as a texture, highlighted with the pigmentation of the porcelain, there is the same erosion of the porcelain as a unit, which shows serious cracks and sinuous, looking fragmented on itself.
It is a series of 5 reliefs made of pigmented porcelain with crystals and melted sand, the porcelain has engraved stamps of deteriorated woods and fabrics such as cotton and jute that are fossil-like, since they disappear in the oven due to the temperature, leaving its shape engraved.
The pieces are glued with resin on a wooden box. In addition, there are also 2 fragmented landscapes, which are made of pieces of porcelain based on a mixture of sand, glue and white paint, on wooden boxes.


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