Jimena Lahura

Lima, 1991

Multidisciplinary artist. She studied at the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru (PUCP) where she trained as a painter. After several group exhibitions and collaborations in her country of origin, she was the winner of the scholarship at the Center de Art La Rectoría artistic residency, in Barcelona in 2018. Later, she returned to Europe to study for a Master in Arts Management and, since then, she has been working and resides in this city.
Her artistic work is directed towards catastrophe through detachment as a pictorial language, based on bodies whose existence takes on them a register of marks, scars and wounds that she engraves and prints through detachment. Part of her creative process has led her to use ceramics as a medium, based on experimentation and the possibilities of registering clay, which allow her to investigate textures in relation to the limits of materials. Her works, which she considers fossilized bodies, start from these processes to question the memory of the body, eternalizing the history of events that have happened on it, evi dencing the power of presence through the traces.