Lucía Simón Medina

Santander, 1987

Her artistic practice focuses on the intersection between language, logic, mathematics, movement and musicality. On one hand, she attempts to analyse the transcription and the deconstruction from one discipline into another, and on the other hand, to investigate the moment before thoughts begin to be conceptualised into words. Her work includes audiovisual compositions and installations based on prime numbers notations. Recently her practice has been inspired by encryption systems used on the internet. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Castilla La-Mancha and a Master in Interdisciplinary Art from the University of Brunswick, Germany. She has received many scholarships and awards and her work has been shown in institutions such as La Casa Encendida in Madrid, Academy der Künste in Berlin, Museum für Konkrete Kunst in Ingoldstadt and in Stadtpark Gallery in Krems.