Lucía Simón Medina

Lucia Simon Medina, Bringing Felkel’s table into space, 2018

16 hand-drawn notations. Twin Touch marker on marker paper 59 x 42 cm Edition 4 + 1 P.A

work description

work description

Bringing Felkel’s table into space is a series of 16 notations that refer to the first list of prime numbers and factors up to the number 144,000, written by Anton Felkel in 1776. Each of the notations represents the area of a diagram of 15 square meters that visualizes the decomposition of a number into possible pairs of prime numbers that, if added, have the same result. This is related to one of the first public-key cryptographic systems called RSA, which is based on the difficulty of decomposing numbers with millions of digits into two prime factors.


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