Joan Rabascall

Joan Rabascall. My Collection

Text Masashi Ogura
Japanese-French-English trilingual edition.
Edicions Jannink, Paris, 2005
72 pages

Description of the book

Description of the book

Joan Rabascall belongs to a generation of artists who witnessed the arrival of
the television screen in our homes and was able to measure the overwhelming novelty
of this opening upon the world. My Collection presents the works he composed inside miniature plastic televisions. With humour and tenderness, he parodies tacky soap operas. Highly coloured photographs take us along a playful walk across XXth century popular culture. Figures like the Mona Lisa, Barbie, Betty Boop, the Pink Panther, or Janis Joplin, all of which are an inherent part of the collective imagination, are revived by Joan Rabascall for our greatest pleasure! The artist has exhibited at the Pompidou Center in Paris and at the Metropolitan Museum, amongst others. A text by Masashi Ogura accompanies his photos and recalls the arrival of the television and the decisive place it took within the Japanese culture.


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