Rosell Meseguer, Cala Mesquida III

Photoengraving on copper plate
100 x 141 cm
Printing 5 6 x 100 cm
Edition from 1/7 to 7/7, 3 H.C., and 1 Bat



Bunker Project. Deterrence. The tide and the limit

The Mediterranean has become a part of everyday life, informed by a belief in a different, perhaps better, place on the opposite side of the sea. This gaze is echoed in Rosell Meseguer´s images that look through the slits of defence buildings along the harbour and coast of Cartagena on the Spanish Peninsula (and other places and countries) that were last used in combat during the Spanish Civil War but now are abandoned and isolated from transport links providing a panoramic gaze.
Lisa Le Feuvre, curator of the exhibition. The Photographers´ Gallery London 2004


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