Stella Rahola Matutes

Stella Rahola Matutes, Calligraphies, 2013-2015

Ink and tea on rice paper
75 x 105 cm each one

Work description

Work description

reconsidering craftwork historically developed by men
I start from artisanship as a sustainable
collaborative our time
and memory-related process

I embrace the challenge of bodily experiencing the possibilities of making
as a way to renew the relationship with our material culture

through complex,
physically demanding,
and almost alchemical processes
I embody hands and body as knowledge capabilities
subverting these practices
to their limits
to a state of material transformation
to reach a point of awkward fragility
to accentuate its life cycle
to dispel the ontological binary of life

and matter forces and affections of materials
and also their cultural connotations
and also their development in the construction of our spaces
landscape appears as a consistent reference
related to first-hand observations of my geographical environment
as an osmotic absorbency of the contexts where I work

otherworldly blown glass pieces reflecting on technologically alienated
skyscrapers globalisation and loss of cultural identity
the contrast between their ultra-modern appearance
and the actual traditional and disused procedures with which they are obtained
invites questions about the ethical emergency and moral nihilism of our time


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