Jimena Lahura

Jimena Lahura, Detachment, 2016

Oil, crayon, sand, pigment and ink on canvas
210 x 150 cm

Work description

Work description

Embryonic landscapes. The landscape is a projection of us, it is conditioned by what we determine. In my case, I see in the landscape a way of approaching metaphors about change, about the ‘death’ that exists every time the landscape mutates, every time the image changes for us. This also relates to bodily atmospheres, since the body is my living reference of constant change, that is why the landscape is like a large body that changes its moods.
This is how the brief wait for the arrival of night, becomes a change for the landscape since the light changes, the wind blows and with this, the sensation also. This is how the detachment of a piece of snow, which causes a shocking sound, changes the previous concept that was had until the fall of that piece occurred. The intense heat changes the perspective of the landscape, just as the other seasons do.
In this list of pieces, I explore the concept of landscape as a platform that is willing to change, they are waiting for something to happen. I resort to abstraction since it allows me to find new subjective landscapes, but which are related to real landscapes, which allow extending the concept of the cycle. In this journey, it is how I found in the body a powerful image towards a new range of events and events that change its own landscape.


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